Looking for a Unique Gift? Give a Virtual Foster(TM) Sponsorship!

One of PBJ’s biggest needs as a rescue is having foster homes available to receive incoming shelter cats, but an equally big need is being able to afford their veterinary expenses after we’ve rescued them. In 2017, we spent, on average, $250 per cat while in our foster care.

For those of you who don't have the time or space to foster a cat in your home or are looking for a unique gift for the feline lover in your life, we proudly introduce our *Virtual* Foster © program.
  • For a tax-deductible donation of $250*, PBJ will rescue a kitty from the shelter with you as their sponsor;

  • For a tax-deductible donation of $500*, PBJ will rescue a momma and her kittens, or a senior cat who will require extra medical attention (wellness bloodwork, dental), with you as their sponsor;

  • You will receive recognition for your kindness on this webpage, and updates on your virtual foster via email from the time of their arrival until their forever home is found.
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Meet our Virtual Fosters
Available for adoption unless otherwise noted :o)

Please click here to view their bios

Cleo (F)
Sponsored by Neville
In memory of former foster Chipper

Rory (F)
Sponsored by Beth
In memory of
Henri & Twiggy

Rudy (M)
Sponsored by Renee

Dewey (M)
Sponsored by
the Neuhauser Family

In memory of Snowflake, Oynx, and Porsche

Snuggle (M)
Sponsored by
Diane and Don

Night Sky Litter
Sponsored by Patty

Rufus (M)
Sponsored by Brandon

Quincy (M)
Sponsored by Emily
In memory of
Carrie Chapman Cat[t]

Gigi (F)
Sponsored by
Vicki and Michael

Annie (F)
Sponsored by
Mike and Lynn

In memory of Poe

Frida (F)
Sponsored by
Mike and Lynn

In memory of Munchie

Wynn (F)
Sponsored by
Avery and Adam

Aery (F)
Sponsored by
Steve and Jacquie Barker

In memory of CatsPurr

Kenny (M)
Sponsored by
Jen Page and James Smith

In memory of Sebastian

Gizmo (F)
Sponsored by
Grace and Allison Whiteman
All Animals in Need

Manchas & her 6 kittens
Sponsored by Carly
In honor of Beth

Dinkleman (M)
Sponsored by Michelle Marsh
In memory of Isaac

Mr. Cat (M)
Sponsored by Kevin Toner

Venus and Kitty (F)
Sponsored by Laura Steel

Amelia and her kittens
Sponsored by
Vicki and Michael
In honor of Gandolf

To sign up as a virtual foster by check via U.S. mail:

Please make your check payable to "Pets Bring Joy",
please note "virtual foster" on the memo line,
and mail to:

Pets Bring Joy
P.O. Box 2352
Fairfax, Virginia 22031

Please allow us one (1) week from the time we receive your virtual foster donation
to contact you with details on your very own "purrsonal" foster kitty.

To sign up as a virtual foster on-line,
via either personal debit/credit card or PayPal:

Please Choose
(optional) To Commemorate
Sponsored by (for the website)
(optional) Name of honoree

IMPORTANT!!! If you wish to pay by debit/credit card, you will still be
taken to a PayPal page, but you needn't have a PayPal account.

Kind regards,

Jacquie Barker
Founder and Executive Director