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Fuzzies for Seniors is a program designed to bring joy to the lives of seniors ... and to the kitties who love them!

Participation in our program is simple -- there are only three ingredients:
  • A senior who is seeking a kitty companion and who lives in a pet-friendly home, condo, apartment, or nursing facilty;

  • A rescue organization willing to work with Pets Bring Joy to suggest cats available for adoption who would be suitable as senior companions;

  • An advocate for the senior -- a friend, family member, or care provider -- who is willing and able to assist the senior with those aspects of pet care that prove difficult (for example, taking the cat to a veterinary appointment, going to the store to purchase pet supplies, etc.), and who will serve as a liaison between the senior and Pets Bring Joy.
What are the costs normally associated with adopting a cat?
  • First, there are the normal costs for cat care items -- high quality cat food, cat litter, grooming, and routine veterinary care.

  • Another important aspect of adopting a cat is having the capacity to afford medical care as needed if the cat should become ill or injured, or to purchase veterinary insurance coverage for these items.

  • Costs will vary, but will likely fall within these ranges:

    • Food: $10 - $25 per month
    • Cat litter: $10 - $20 per month
    • Annual wellness exams/vaccinations: $200 - $300 per year
    • Pet medical insurance: $50 - $70 per year

  • Depending on the rescue organization involved, the senior may be required to pay an adoption fee directly to that organization.

  • Please note that Pets Bring Joy does not charge any fees for the Fuzzies for Seniors program! All of our operating expenses are covered through our separate fund-raising activities. :o)
Next steps?
  • If you are a senior (or know a senior) who might like to participate in our Fuzzies for Seniors program, please click here to contact us by email.

  • If you represent a rescue organization who'd like to participate in Fuzzies for Seniors, please click here to contact us by email.

  • If you would like to help as a volunteer with our Fuzzies for Seniors program -- perhaps serving as an advocate for a senior :o) -- please click here to contact us by email.

  • If you would like to donate to Pets Bring Joy in support of our Fuzzies for Seniors program, please click here for more information on how to do so.
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