The Pets Bring Joy
Mission Statement

Pets Bring Joy's mission is to bring joy to people and pets in an animal-centric way in the Virginia/Maryland/Washington, DC metro area ... we do so by:
  • Rescuing and fostering animals from shelters and as strays, emphasizing often-overlooked (older and/or special needs) pets;

  • Promoting fostered animals to prospective adopters through social media, the Internet, and face-to-face adoption events;

  • Orchestrating a formal adoption process to ensure their placement in qualified, loving forever homes;

  • Overseeing two adoption venues and a network of volunteer foster homes to care for the animals while in PBJ's care;

  • Teaching compassion and care skills to enrich animal and human lives in our homes and in the community at large;

  • Mentoring youth to instill a love for animals and a passion for community service, so that they may serve as our next generation of non-profit entrepreneurs, volunteers, and philanthropists;

  • Offering the healing therapy of animal companionship to all in our community (visit for more information on our Catnip Haven mission);

  • Supporting the Trap Neuter Return community by teaming with them to find adoptive homes for kittens and friendly strays that they encounter through their TNR work;

  • Mentoring small "grass-roots" rescues with regard to best rescue practices;

  • Encouraging collaboration within the local rescue community so that our combined rescue efforts have a greater impact on reducing the homeless animal population than any one of us might achieve single-handedly.
If you would like to learn how you can personally support the Pets Bring Joy mission by volunteering -- fostering -- adopting -- donating, please use the buttons provided at the top of the page, or click here to connect with us via email.

Best regards,

Jacquie Barker
Founder and Executive Director, Pets Bring Joy

Jacquie and her beloved Kwiddie