Pets Bring Joy
Finding a New Home for a Pet or Stray

Thank you for allowing Pets Bring Joy to assist you in this difficult time.

People sadly have to give up their pets for a variety of reasons. Some are unavoidable, but many are not if you are given a helping hand.

Or, perhaps you've found a homeless cat and took them in. What are the next steps in finding them a happy home?

In either circumstance, as a service to our community, Pets Bring Joy stands ready to advise and help you as best we can.

Please complete a no-obligation rehoming a pet or stray questionnaire as a first step.

What is involved in surrendering a cat to PBJ?
  • We'll first need you to complete our rehoming a pet or stray questionnaire (a link is provided at the bottom of this page) so that we may better understand your situation; upon receiving it, we'll be in touch to talk through it with you.

  • If we feel that your cat is a good candidate for adoption through PBJ, we'll subsequently need to receive
    • A copy of any vet records that you have for the cat, and
    • Current photo(s) suitable for publishing on the web.

  • We will need for you to complete and sign an owner surrender form, giving us permission to seek a new home for your pet or stray.

  • We will need to meet your cat, first in your home (where he/she will be most relaxed) to see how he/she reacts to new people, and then potentially at an adoption event, to see how he/she does in a public setting.

  • Foster homes are always in short supply, and so we may ask you to serve as a PBJ foster for your cat while we publicize him/her for adoption on the web.
How much does it cost to surrender a cat?

There is no fee for our assistance with rehoming your pet or stray, but if we are able to take your cat into a PBJ foster home, we would appreciate a donation to help cover medical and supply costs while in our care.

Once we begin working with PBJ, can I change my mind about rehoming my cat?

Yes! If at any time before we've found an adoptive home, you have found a solution for keeping your beloved pet or stray, Pets Bring Joy will gladly return your pet to your home if he/she is in our care as a foster.

I'm interested in discussing surrendering a pet ... what is the next step?

Please complete our rehoming a pet or stray questionnaire by clicking the link below; you'll receive a copy of your form via email for your records, and we'll be in touch by telephone or email soonest. As a small, all-volunteer rescue organization, we thank you in advance for your patience.

Please use this link to complete a no-obligation rehoming a pet or stray questionnaire

Thank you once again for allowing us to help you through this difficult time.